Christophe Bailleau (Fr/Be)

Christophe Bailleau (Fr/Be)
5 August 2017 City Sonic

L’échappée belle - exposition /// EN

For its first partnership between Allance Française Brussels-Europe and Transcultures/City Sonic Christophe Bailleau and Philippe Franck (Pastoral duet) are invited to present a selection of twenty photographs (taken by Christophe Bailleau) that correspond to poetic fragments, (written by Philippe Franck).

Pastoral has composed ten ambient tracks for these dyptic image-text compositions, which can be listened on headphones to by the choice that corresponds to the visitor’s mood. Each application expresses itself without modification and responds in an immediacy and intimacy…which this duo wanted to conserve for this escape into the quietness of a provincial reality, and unveils a strange surrealism, under this poetic and visual double-regard.

With L’échappée belle (the beautiful escape), a collaboration started in 2007 and developed in 2017. The duet proposes a surreal and poetic glance into the imaginary and resort/holiday spaces where a form of lynch-like strangeness is tinted with offset humour.

Recent videos of Pastoral (Figures, Limpide-objets trouvés, No meaning) and of Christophe Bailleau in solo (The Colony, Fumigènes,Sérotones) as well as radiophonic creations (Le yaourt n’est pas un yoghourt, la perte) in a loop complete this exhibition of image-sound in movement.

Performance Pastoral

On the occasion of the opening of this exhibition, Pastoral will present a performance and its new CD + booklet photos/texts L’échappée belle (The Beautiful Escape) produced by Transcultures on the alter Transonic label.

Production de l’exposition : Transcultures avec le soutien de l’Alliance Française de Bruxelles

Alliance française
Avenue des Arts 46, Bruxelles
30.08 – 13:00 | Performance
30.08 > 18.09.2017 | Exhibition
Monday to Thursday | 09:00>18:00
Friday 9:00>12:30 | Free entrance

Christophe Bailleau

Multidisciplinary artist, Christophe Bailleau (Huy) has been developing an atypical musical and visual project for 15 years. His compositions are based on acoustic sources (guitar, percussion, vocal sounds) triturated and mixed with concrete and domestic sounds. He thus conceived a game about waiting, silence and stormy tension. He also realized installations, radio plays installations as well as intriguing and poetic shorts. Since 2004, he has made numerous CDs on various independent labels ( Le cri de la harpe, Stilll, Carte postale, Eglantine, Annexia, Fenetre, Soundscaping, Optical Sound.) and a DVD featuring his short films was edited by 68 /septante (Brussels).

Combo créé, en 2010, par Christophe Bailleau (musicien et artiste visuel) et Philippe Franck (musicien et auteur) qui croisent leurs univers…