Karen Willems (Be)

Karen Willems (Be)
14 August 2017 City Sonic

Between chords and vague beats (Concert duo)

Between cords (Jean D.L.) and pleasant waves (Karen Willems) and restraints, they balance panoramic views. We know what hides behind them; something dissolves between their hands. They   remind us  of the kitchen… when it is dark and empty in the morning… and they play in this room… as if they wandered the street, in search of what belongs to us.

Production Manufactures urban in partnership with Transcultures
Avec Jean De Lacoste et Karen Willems

Manufacture Urbaine
Rue de Brabant 2, Charleroi
16.09 | Sonic Live
21:00 > 23:00
Entrée libre

Karen Willems

There are those who confirm and those who confront and constantly transform. Karen Willems (Ghent), formerly in charge of “o.a”, Inwolves, Zita Swoon Group, Jan Swerts, Novastar, Pascal Deweze … who collaborated with Aidan Baker, Erik Thielemans, BARST … certainly belongs to the second category.