Marie Decarpentrie (Be)

Marie Decarpentrie (Be)
14 August 2017 City Sonic

Improvisation nomade (Création)

The saxophonist Maurice Charles JJ accompanied by the collective Unda: Ariane Chesaux on cello, gong and drone, Isa Belle with Tibetan bowls, small bells and gong, and Marie Decarpentrie with drum, chime and percussive objects. They intervene at the end of the Sunday market of Charleroi inviting the curious ones to follow them up to the Maison Dorée.

Performance vibratoire (Création)

The trio Unda (Ariane Chesaux, Isa Belle, Marie Decarpentrie) proposes a performance combining wellness and sound travel by subtly crossing  Tibetan bowls, gongs, percussions, voice, cello and drone with a special attention to vibrations which are put in front of the whole body and in all directions.

Production Unda and Transcultures

Plusieurs lieux dans Charleroi
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17.09 | Sonic Sunday #2
12:30 > 16:30
Entrée libre

Marie Decarpentrie

Attracted by the Humain, Marie Decarpentrie (Brussels) undertook studies of Psychomotricity Assistant in Psychology at the Institut Libre Marie Haps in Brussels. Her dissertation dealt with the work of “Boney Percussion” in order to improve body awareness among people experiencing mental disorders. The positive effects of vibrations – created by the voice, the vibratory instruments or the bone percussions – in the scheme of the body really took her interest. It was in this context that she met Ariane Chesaux and Isa Belle and their vibratory work with the gongs and the singing bowls. She has been able to experience the relaxing benefits of this approach with people with disabilities, particularly with autistic disorders. A rich adventure now opens with “Unda”, a trio made up of three women from different backgrounds with the common interest of well-being through vibration.