Paradise Now (Be)

Paradise Now (Be)
14 August 2017 City Sonic

One Moment Free Improv ‘(OMFI) offers a series of performances, concerts and workshops with free improvisation…

Paradise Now

Philippe Franck (Brussels, Mons) is a cultural conceptualist who is passionate about contemporary crossovers. He is director of Transcultures, an interdisciplinary center for digital and sound cultures (Charleroi). He is also artistic director of the City Sonic international festival of sound arts (Mons, Brussels and Associated Cities), which he created in 2003, and Transnumériques. He regularly writes about sound arts, and digital and contemporary interdisciplinary practices. He also co-directed, in 2014, the documentary Bernard Heidsieck, ‘Poetry in Action’. Since the 1990s, he has developed the multi-musical Paradise Now project and collaborates with various videographers, performers, visual artists, poets and musicians.

Halles Saint-Géry
Place Saint-Géry 1, Bruxelles
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