Paul Boudeau (Be)

Paul Boudeau (Be)
1 August 2017 City Sonic

Unfulfilleduo (performance - création)

On the sidelines of Raymond Delepierre’s sound installation (X BELL X-1), Unfulfilleduo offers a performance based on the retroactive sound space, variations around feedback, increased / extended acoustics / Modified / generated by the architectural shapes and surfaces of this portion of the quai de la Sambre. They will reveal to the ears a history of archeology of the moment, the different sounds buried, the traces of the past, their harmonies. The megaphones were produced in the USA (N.Y.), Norway, France, Belgium, Germany, UK, Bulgaria, USSR, Japan. They have served in multiple military (USA), cultural, political and social events. They have spread the voices of world leaders, civil society people, music and songs of revolt and joy, speeches of peace, hatred and memory. All the diffusers are fixed to the facade of Quai 10.

Production Raymond Delepierre, Paul Boudeau

Quai 10
Quai Arthur Rimbaud 10, Charleroi
Entrée libre

Paul Boudeau

French musician, Marcel Ormittal (aka Paul Boudeau) lives and works in Brussels. He is active as a sound experimenter exploring all kind of artistic experiments using sound and/or visuals, (sound-installations, musique concrète & live electronics improvisations). M. Ormittal’s music is both immediate and intangible, abstract and deconstructed. Depending on projects, he can use acoustic sound sources and/or digital processing, playing computer-music, mixing sounds from traditional instruments, with prepared sound-objects & toys, like playing guitar with a remote controlled miniature car (as a ebow), or even converting a video signal into sound. Improvising with personal software, Marcel Ormittal creating an intensely personal language, with pulses, ambient noise & drones. Iterative, immersive and resonant, its work reflects a keen sense of spatiality and dynamics. He is also well-known for hosting concerts, workshops & exhibitions at « Delacharge » in co-operation with « Aposiopèse » or with the collective « Lab ~ ». (txt–> P. Judon)