Sebastien STh Biset (Be)

Sebastien STh Biset (Be)
14 August 2017 City Sonic

One Moment Free Improv ‘(OMFI) offers a series of performances, concerts and workshops with free improvisation…

Sébastien STh Biset

Sébastien STh Biset (Charleroi) is a doctor in art history, musician and zythosophe. Member co-founder of editorial and curatorial platforms, programming (SIC) and MNÓAD, he is collaborator in PointCulture. Sebastien Biset is also active within the VectorIs tanned, and Optimum Park. His solo performances can oscillate, according to the context, between intimate acoustics (minitoothing-stone, harmonium) and post pop electronics.

credits photo background : – creepingMacKroki

Halles Saint-Géry
Place Saint-Géry 1, Bruxelles
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