Alain Wergifosse (Be)

Alain Wergifosse (Be)
11 August 2017 City Sonic

Espace Résonant

Since the beginning of the Eighties, Alain Wergifosse (Liège) electronically handles sound, amplifies objects, and creates compositions of interactive experimental videos. He has skillfully arranged small microphones, loudspeakers and various sensors at the entrance of Passage de la Bourse, in order to create spatial resonance, controlled electronically and by a computer system. Such resonance is a result of the Larsen Effect, which becomes highly modified by sound algorithms, modulated by sensors distributed in space.The public’s presence and movement here are totally part of the sound composition.

Transcultures Production following a redisency dedicated to creation in Charleroi

Table résonnante

Two steel plates are superimposed into a “sandwich”. Between them, large ressorts power-forces are placed. The higher plate is microphonic with the help of piezoelectric contact microphones. The lower plate becomes a loudspeaker thanks to a transmitter of surface vibrations. The whole constitutes an autonomous resonant object. Small objects such as balls, stones or toys with wheels can be posed on the higher plate to invite the public to play with the device.

Transcultures Production following a residency deidicated to creation in Charleroi

Arbre amplifié (plante sonore)

An interior tree that brings forth odd sound fruits, which are actually small microphones, piezzos, sensors, and small loudspeakers that are attached to branches and to the tree leaves. A sufficiently powerful ventilator makes the leaves of the tree move, provoking small subtle noises. With these elements, an interactive sound composition evolves, thanks to a computer system and electronics buried at the bottom of the tree, that capt the sounds of the leaves and the surroundings as a source of autonomous sound manipulation.

Transcultures Production following a resindency dedicated to creation in Charleroi

Aluminage (papiers d'aluminium amplifiés)

On a metal rod, hang four long sheets of aluminum paper. With the wind of the same ventilator which is used to move the sheets of the amplified tree, these aluminum are closely breezing by each other and sounding very discreetly. This sound is gathered by a microphone, introducing it into the sound system. If space is sufficiently dark, this piece is complemented  by a video projection of digital organizations devouring aluminum.

Transcultures Production  following a residency dedicated to creation in Charleroi

Wok amplifié (food song)

On a wooden base, a porcelain wok or a large soup bowl contains screws, springs, bolts and nails. The bowl is amplified like the other parts.Two Chinese rods make it possible for the visitors to also eat the nails…

Transcultures Production following a residency dedicates to creation in Charleroi

SenzObject box

A square box on a pedestal, proposes to the public to play with buttons, levers, sensors of light, springs, cords and other small objects which make it possible to influence sonority spreading  into space.

Transcultures Production following a residency dedicated to creation in Charleroi

Microscopies (Création)

This  matierist and contemplative audio-visual installation  is an assembly of microscopic explorations of the multimedia artist Alain Wergifosse: oniric travel of microscopic explorations towards the depths of the matter, strange and mysterious landscapes on one square centimeter…

Production: Alain Wergifosse with the support of Transcultures

Parcours sonore @ Charleroi
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07 > 17.09.2017
12:00 > 18:00
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fermé le lundi

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La grande soirée d’ouverture de cette 15ème édition du festival, pour la première fois dans la ville de Charleroi.

Alain Wergifosse

Since the beginning of the Eighties, Alain Wergifosse (Liège) electronically handles sound, amplifies objects, and creates compositions of interactive experimental videos.

Pionnier of the experimental scenes of Barcelona as of the Nineties, Alain Wergifosse fills Urban Manufacture of sounds electro house, impossible architectures, radio waves in very low frequencies, microscopies, luminous modulations, erosions, electromagnetic disturbances, some dichroisms and other temporary aberrations of the sensory fields.