C2L3Play – Crossborder living lab (Eu)

C2L3Play – Crossborder living lab (Eu)
18 August 2017 City Sonic

City Sonic invites partners of the cross-border project C2L3Play and its new Crossborder living lab …

C2L3Play - Crossborder living lab

Launched in 2016, C2L3Play is an Interreg  project whose objective is to set up a network of crossborder living labs, in existing physical structures,  in the three regions, in corrolation to the theme: ‘digital creativity’. The project proposes to transcend borders and proposes exchanges between artists and researchers, as well as to set up projects linked to companies from other regions with more ease, etc …. The concept of synergy  with the aim of generating energy for the development of cultural and creative industries is all the more important in a relatively small territory. The ‘C2L3Play’ project is aimed primarily at cultural and creative industries, which is a strategic sector in Wallonia (Creative Wallonia program) as well as in France (digital images and cultural industries as a strategic area of ​​activity in Nord-Pas de Calais), and in Flanders (with the design sector). The ‘Crossborder living lab’ resulting from this crossborder project brings partners of the University of Mons (leader of the project) together with  Numediart Research Institute, Designregio Kortrijk, Le Fresnoy (Tourcoing), University of Valenciennes and Hainaut Cambrésis, SAEML Le Phénix (Valenciennes), University of Lille 3, PICTANOVO, Mundaneum (Mons), Audiovisual Meetings (Lille), Lille Design, Hainaut Ports Community, Game IN, TWIST Cluster, Transcultures (Charleroi), Buda Fabriek / AGB Bud (Kortrijk).

‘C2L3Play’ project and its new crossborder living lab to present innovative projects in the sphere of digital cultures & creative industries, where sound interacts with other mediums. Several examples of creations (installations, video games, shows, multimedia devices …) will be concretely presented to the public by their designers / producers coming from Wallonia, Flanders and the North of France. From these intermedia issues, linking research, creation, production, diffusion and application aspects, the participants and the public will be invited to a discussion (led by Philippe Franck, artistic director of Transcultures and City Sonic). At the end of the meeting, participants and the public are invited to visit the City Sonic installations exhibited in the rooms of Quai 10, and then to the sound-performance creation of Unfulfilleduo.