• -Charleroi-

    Karen Willems (Be)

    There are those who confirm and those who confront and constantly transform. Karen Willems (Ghent), formerly in charge of “o.a”, Inwolves, Zita Swoon Group, Jan Swerts, Novastar, Pascal Deweze …

  • -Charleroi-

    Ben Bertrand (Be)

    Ben Bertrand is a clarinetist who evolves in the classical/contemporary scene…

  • -Charleroi-

    Rudy Romanowski (Be)

    Rudy Romanowski is an animator of musical and musical awakening, as well as coordinator of the courses at the cultural center of Evere.

  • -La Louvière-

    Isa Belle (Fr/Be)

    The artistic approach of Isa Belle (Brussels, Mons, Paris, Nice) is anchored in the search for well-being of the body – in its multiple dimensions – associated with personal and spiritual development.

  • -Charleroi-

    Jean De Lacoste (Be)

    Jean De Lacoste (Charleroi) développe un univers à la fois intimiste et bruyant fait de paysages brumeux. Il travaille en solo mais a aussi collaboré avec STh Biset, Zbigniew Karkowski, Mauro A. Pawlowski, Teun …