Catrine Godin (Qbc)

Catrine Godin (Qbc)
14 August 2017 City Sonic

One Moment Free Improv ‘(OMFI) is a series of performances, concerts and workshops with free improvisation …

An interdisciplinary project aimed to build bridges between Quebecois and Belgian writers, choreographers, sound and visual / digital artists …

Catrine Godin

Catrine Godin (Montreal). It is in parallel with her pictorial approach that writings are traced, from the first title, Les Ailes Closes, which appeared in 2006 by the publisher, Noroît. Then, published in 2012, Les chairs étranges(The Strange Flesh) followed by Bleu Sudain still published by Noroît, under the direction of Paul Bélanger. Free texts have been published in Europe, in the independent journal Les Tas de Mots under the direction of Alain Leylavergne, in particular in nos. 7 and 11, and the Zinzoline Webzine (n ° 4). Rhizome (Québec) has just published her written text for the interdisciplinary performance ‘Percées – Les Oracles’ co-produced by Rhizome and Transcultures in the context of bilateral exchanges between Québec and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.