Christian Vialard (Fr)

Christian Vialard (Fr)
11 August 2017 City Sonic

Golden Hello (le rendez-vous) | Première belge

Concert-reading conceived from situations and adventures taken from the hyperrealist writings of Eric Arlix (writer and editor) and put into music by Serge Teyssot-Gay (ex Noir Desire, Interzone-guitar) and Christian Vialard (creative sound-electronics). “Golden Hello” is the term used in English for “bonus of welcome”, the latter concerns only managers of high levels. These texts, on very different subjects (a mini-market, a video, a hashtag…), converge electro-free-rock’n’roll ambiances, by musicians, draw up a critical portrait of the contemporary world and individuals who struggle to survival, each in his own way.

Production Transcultures en partenariat avec l’Eden

Boulevard Jacques Bertrand 1, Charleroi
+32 (0)71 202 995

Christian Vialard

The multifaceted work of Christian Vialard occupies a singular place in contemporary art and on the French musical scene. Painter and musician, he is an attentive observer of the social and cultural fabric of the middle classes and is particularly interested in movements of redefining the boundaries between what is art, and what is not art, high and low culture and movements of moral and aesthetic liberation of the twentieth century. Christian Vialard is also the founder of Tiramizu, a label for experimental music.