Francesc Martí (Es/GB)

Francesc Martí (Es/GB)
11 August 2017 City Sonic

The sounds of the world

This 30-channel audiovisual installation is based on a network of Rasberry Pi computers and created from a series of excerpts from films by Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky. Each computer has its own screen and speaker and 30 movies are played simultaneously. With this work, the artist explores the concept of an audio-video sample in which real images and sounds – captured and digitized – are cut, mixed, manipulated and reassembled to generate new audiovisual material. Francesc Marti is, in particular, experimenting with the way in which granular sound synthesis techniques and pseudo-random number generator algorithms can be used to generate creative works.

Production Francesc Marti

Parcours sonore @ Charleroi
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07 > 17.09.2017
12:00 > 18:00
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Francesc Marti

With his films, soundtracks, installations and radio documentaries, François Martig is part of a protean practice centered on the economic, memorial and aesthetic policies that secretly determine the territory and our relationship to the environment. He collaborates with other sound artists and is also a sound engineer for film and audiovisual. He is an active member of the Mono-Mono association, created with Emilie Roi, who specializes in contemporary art projects at the crossroads of visual arts and sound in unusual spaces.