Mathilda Cohen Delmas (Fr)

Mathilda Cohen Delmas (Fr)
11 August 2017 City Sonic


In this installation made up of several videos, a glance, an invisible presence goes to an underground. It traverses interiors that are real and arrives at some assembled spaces that use photographic samples. It is a travel through spaces with increasingly strange logics…sometimes worrying. Certain decorations have been made in a rough way, with found materials (Tarps, plastic drapes, false perspectives). The artist tries to regive a sense of intensity to  phantoms of  space, fractured and recombined, to create phantasms of places in which it is impossible to enter physically and one can only penetrate through by way of this imaginary voyage. The soundtrack is made  from collected sound samples, collected along with images.The rhythms that follow one another throughout the film, come from sounds of looped switches and plumbing sounds. Also  immersed in a bath of effects, delayed sounds, or other  resonators. They sometimes move away from their original sonority or are joined by similar sounds of synthetic origin, virtual instruments.

With the support of Transcultures and ENSA La Villa Arson as part of the Emergences digital and sound program. Special thanks to Christian Vialard

Parcours sonore @ Charleroi
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07 > 17.09.2017
12:00 > 18:00
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Mathilda Cohen Delmas

fifth year student at the Villa Arson, National School of Art of Nice, Mathilda Cohen Delmas prepares her DNSEP (National Diploma Superior of Expression Plastic)