Paolo Almario (Col/Qbc)

Paolo Almario (Col/Qbc)
11 August 2017 City Sonic

Homéostasies – Électromagnétique | Création

The installation has a double structure composed of a device similar to that of the metronome whose main axis is extended by a free pendulum consisting of a sound column. The device evolves at the rate of the K index, the datas are provided by two remote observatories, one Canadian, one Belgian. These illustrate the solar storm of last May 28, and more metaphorically: the “Aurora Borealis”. Sounds and movements evolve progressively throughout a 20-minute sequence, at the peak of the period, the pace of disturbance increases, the structure becomes unstable, the sound increases, deforms and the system tries to maintain Its fragile equilibrium (homeostasis). It is an electromagnetic storm. Gradually, the system finds a more stable and regular state to then reproduce a similar sequence. It is mainly the fusion of sounds and the interactions of these with the immediate environment that illustrates these two scientific concepts (homeostasis and electromagnetic fields).

Production: :Transcultures, La Chambre Blanche
With the international support of Wallonia-Brussels, theTown of Quebec, the Arts Council of Quebec, Culture and Quebec Communication, the Council of Arts of Canada and L’oeil de Poisson.

Parcours sonore @ Charleroi
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07 > 17.09.2017
12:00 > 18:00
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Paolo Almario

Paolo Almario is a Colombian-born artist based in Chicoutimi, Quebec, who has trained since 2011, at the University of Los Andes Faculty of Arts and Design (Bogota, Colombia). He also completed a Masters in Art (2014) at the University of Quebec in Chicoutimi (UQAC). His artistic work explores the relationship between the individual and space. It uses the computer as an interface of the digital medium to modulate, automate, codify, process and materialize digital samples of “reality” in a plurality of forms. His works are neo-media objects that, by representing our spatiality, want us to understand a part of our being. His latest technical research leads him to 3D printing, facial recognition, CNC machines and laser / waterjet cutting machines. Paolo Almario has also worked as a technical assistant for other artists and university professors including Constanza Camelo-Suarez and James Partaik. He also offers, from time to time, assistance as a volunteer, to UQAC’s arts students who wish to integrate digital technology into their projects. In addition to his artistic activity, Paolo is currently a lecturer at UQAC where he has taught for 3 years all of the courses concentrated in the Digital Arts Module of Arts (Hybrid Installations, Techniques of Media Arts, Body and Devices, Among others).

Mathieu Zurstrassen

Mathieu Zurstrassen (Brussels) is an architect by education, his artistic process is largely guided by the almost obsessive need to analyze the mechanisms of things, to understand their internal functioning. His approach generates hybrid works that sometimes offer a new perspective on society, a satirical metaphor, a sometimes caustic and staggered reality. By diverting everyday objects or objects from their first use, playing on the duality between simplicity and complexity or ephemeral and temporary, his projects always offer various degrees of interpretation, punctuated with humor as well as sociocultural questions philosophical and contemporary.