:such: (Fr)

:such: (Fr)
11 August 2017 City Sonic

Stylus Dust

Particularly receptive to the power of melancholic evocation that comes from the crackling sounds of a record, Marc Parazon,  alias ‘Such’ wishes to use these mechanical sounds that are produced by a playing record, as the sources of  musical composition.These sound sources are read by record players, creating a setting of actual abyss stemming from the groove-like porosity. The unwanted noise from it  merges with those of the actual recording. This new installation plays between recorded sounds and the sounds that result from its support and its reading. The music is accompanied by all the other sounds of usage. To hear it, we should undergo an analytical way to be able to distinguish and separate the sound plans. This is to differentiate between ‘signal’ and ‘noise’, by separating the foreground noise from the background noise, by delineating  the sound from what enables it to be reproduced. It is on the basis of constating this, that the artist conceived ‘Stylus Dust’.  Impassioned towards sounds ‘:Such:’explores the otherness that produces supports through his  compositions and through sound engineering.

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Parcours sonore @ Charleroi
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Particularly sensitive to the power of melancholic evocation of the sounds of the cracking record, Marc Parazon aka : such: wants to use the mechanical sounds produced by reading discs as one of the sound sources of his musical composition. These sound sources are themselves read by record players, creating an abyss with the parasitic noises of reading that are confused with those recorded.