Thibaut Drouillon (Be)

Thibaut Drouillon (Be)
11 August 2017 City Sonic


Dreams are the fruits of our unconscious to which one endeavors to give meaning. Behind this work, a dream is hiding: a blind person reads the following phrase in Braille, “And in this moment, I understood that I was the only one to see it. ”. A reversal of the roles that is almost ironic is found:  in lieu of Braille, a person affected by blindness is more apt to decipher this coded writing than many individuals with sight. With this artwork, this reinterpretation, Thibaut Drouillon aspires to make  dreams live, and transmit these very questions to the visitors.

Part of the Emergences digital and sound program, the partnership Transcultures-Arts2. Coordination of the workshops Emergences 2017: Emilien Baudelot, Julien Poidevin

Parcours sonore @ Charleroi
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07 > 17.09.2017
12:00 > 18:00
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Thibaut Drouillon

Born in a small Belgian town, traveling and reflection have led Thibaut Drouillon to examine art. Through his practice, he explores different paths in order to flourish on a personal and artistic level. Moreover, he has always been interested in the sound that is articulated in our daily life, the atmosphere and the emotion that these waves can provoke in a personal way in each of us. That is why he finds himself at the center of his practice.