Werner Moron (Be)

Werner Moron (Be)
13 August 2017 City Sonic
Trams du Centre-Ville Charleroi
15:00 > 17:00
Entrée libre

Werner Moron

Werner Moron (Liège) developed a multi-faceted artistic approach based on a permanent critical distance from the art market during many years. For this, he chose to direct stage acts, performances or events that involve the participation of the spectator, as subject and as a citizen who is sought in a dialogue. In order to ‘experiment’ the world…a concrete world, Werner Moron constantly modifies the places of his interventions and mixes modes of artistic expressions as well as modes of production: paintings, drawings, installations, performances, conferences and performances. Whether in institutional or non institutional settings, public or private, the participation of a spectator is always implicated.