Musée/Palais des Beaux-Arts

  • -Charleroi-

    Annie Lafleur (Qc)

    Annie Lafleur (Montreal), to write about this shared fate, inspired by a 12th century poem by Raimbaut d’Orange.

  • -Charleroi-

    Jonas Luyckx (Be)

    Jonas Luyckx (Liège), was to film what would later become the image of this absence of the loved one,

  • -Charleroi-

    Rudy Romanowski (Be)

    Rudy Romanowski is an animator of musical and musical awakening, as well as coordinator of the courses at the cultural center of Evere.

  • -La Louvière-

    Isa Belle (Fr/Be)

    The artistic approach of Isa Belle (Brussels, Mons, Paris, Nice) is anchored in the search for well-being of the body – in its multiple dimensions – associated with personal and spiritual development.

  • -Charleroi-

    Julia Stehling (Be)

    It is through the body and the senses that Julia Stehling apprehends the world. In clay, there is something which is a bit like the epidermis that is similar to —an envelope

  • -Charleroi-

    Arthur Vinck (Fr)

    Arthur Vinck’s work relies on the idea of sculpture contributing a tension of physical and mechanical phenomena, the relation between space and the spectator, and notions of rhythm and erasure.

  • -Charleroi-

    Dimitri Baheux (Be)

    Without positioning himself as a moralizer, the artist tries to propose what contaminates our life. The work of Dimitri Baheux focuses on the ills of society: surveillance, manipulations, injustices, etc.

  • -Charleroi-

    Alexis Choplain (Fr/Be)

    Alexis Choplain (Brussels), who is involved in experimental approaches using exclusively analog technologies, debuts his production with an interest in vibratory phenomena that combine mechanics, sound and light. Working to hybridize the arts and sciences, he diverts and appropriates scientific vocabularies and tries to extract a plastic potential.

  • -Charleroi-

    Annie Dunning (Ca)

    Annie Dunning est diplômée en art à l’université Mount Allison et à l’université de Gueph. Ses œuvres ont été exposées au Canada et à l’étranger au Japon, Allemagne et Etats-Unis. L’atelier d’Annie Dunning …

  • -Charleroi-

    Natalia de Mello (Be-Pt)

    Natalia De Mello manufactures utopian forms. She conceives indeed its limp monotypes like an artisanal and metaphorical translation of these machines of thought which are proceeded by abstraction…

  • -Charleroi-

    :such: (Fr)

    Particularly sensitive to the power of melancholic evocation of the sounds of the cracking record, Marc Parazon aka : such: wants to use the mechanical sounds produced by reading discs as one of the sound sources of his musical composition.

  • -Charleroi-

    Alain Wergifosse (Be)

    Alain Wergifosse (Liège) amplifie des objets, manipule électroniquement les sons et le larsen et compose des vidéos expérimentales interactives depuis le début des années 80. Il a participé depuis Barcelone à …