Valérie Bourquin (Fr)

Valérie Bourquin (Fr)
11 August 2017 City Sonic

Mal préparés | Création

In this video series in 10 episodes of 2.30 minutes each, a narrator, in bits and pieces, gives us testimonies of survivors throughout the world (Limoges, Shanghai, Tolmin, Chicago, Salzburg, Perpignan, Alfortville, Taipei, Nancy, Bombay).

Production Eric Arlix
Creation de Éric Arlix + Valérie Bourquin

Sonic Vidéo @ Quai10
Quai Arthur Rimbaud 10, Charleroi
07 > 17.09.2017
12 > 18:00
Entrée libre
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Valérie Bourquin

The connections that exist between music, sounds, images and space are among the concerns and research of Valérie Bourquin who uses video, electronic music, and 3D modeling. The interactions produced by these different mediums interact with each other, producing dynamics, connections, disconnections, antagonisms that are of a visual or sonic order. Encoding / decoding / recoding images, sounds can blur the tracks and produce new ones that can be edited. Valérie Bourquin tries to dissolve space and time, one evolving to the detriment of the other.