City Sonic 2015 outside of Mons

CITY SONIC @ Week of Sound

14.09 > 20.09.2015

Bruxelles – MIM


24.09 > 27.09.2015

Reims – France


24.09 > 04.10.2015

Zagreb – Croatia


13.11 > 22.11.2015

Digital Art Festival – DAC Taipei

City Sonic @ La Semaine du Son Bruxelles -14.09 > 20.09.2015


The Semaine du Son Bruxelles proposes events to initiate the public to a better understanding of sound and awarness all society actors of the importance of the quality of the sound environment.

An open area of reflection, informative, fun and educational in four areas directly linked to culture: cultural creation (the sound writings, music, radio, cinema …) ; sound diffusion (quality, distribution means …) ; audio environment (acoustics of the places, the sounds of the City, noises …) ; health (hearing, concerts audio levels …).

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City Sonic @ Elektricity - 24.09 > 27.09.2015


:SuCh: (FR) – A tape end

A tape end is a scenic installation questioning both the visual look of the analog tape and the spatialization of sound, metamorphozing the place with a maze of tape recorders linked to each other. The music is atmospheric composition electro-acoustic type of pre-recorded on tape, made from voice, crackling vinyl and analog synthesis.

>> Exhibited in Médiathèque de Reims

Created in 2003 by the French musician Yuksek, Elektricity is an electronic music festival which takes place every year in Reims.

Césaré, National Music Production Center co-producer of Elektricity invites this year City Sonic ( and Césaré presents in Mons the installation, Apertures supported by the Centre) to start a cross-border collaboration.

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City Sonic @ Device_art -24.09 > 04.10.2015

device-art-festival-5-015_City-Sonic_Mons2015_credits-TransculturesAfter eleven years and four successfull triennial international festivals of robotics, gadgets and devices this years Device_art 5.015 is a part of a new initiave In the Upper town with the well known Gričevanje festival and Klovićevi dvori Gallery.

Techno-artistic concepts of Device_art will intertwine with energetic and urban sounds of Gričevanje music festival reviving Zagreb’s Upper town with the combination of music concerts, robotic performances, exhibition and DIY workshops for children and adults.

Philippe Franck is invited by Kontejner (bureau of of contemporary art praxis), which coordonates the Device_Art festival to present City Sonic and the sound and digital projects of Transcultures. Paradise Now presents an outdoor sound art mix of City Sonic pieces at the Zagreb Art Academy.

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City Sonic @ Digital Arts Festival Taipei -13.11 > 22.11.2015

digital-art-Center-taipei_Digital-Art-Festival-Taipei-logo_City-Sonic_Mons2015_credits-TransculturesCity Sonic is happy to launch this year a new partnership with the Digital Art Festival Taipei, Center and Foundation in Taipei, which hosts a selection of sound and digital artists from the Taiwanese digital art festival at the House of Design.

In November 2015, sound and digital artists from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation proposed by City Sonic/Transcultures, will be exhibited in the Digital Art festival Taipei 2015.

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