23th of Septembre – Partage d’écoute with Jean-Marc Boucher

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Taâlem Label

The “partages d’écoute” (shared listening sessions) launched by City Sonic, consists of meetings with music lovers personalities (musicians, critics, artists, cultural leaders …) who will, for about an hour, share their passion on subjects related to sound practices illustrated by audio commentary extracts.

Jean-Marc Boucher presents his micro label Taâlem, which has released ambiant/field recording/experimental mini CDs by internationa artists.

The Artist

Jean Marc Boucher (Fr/Be)
Jean Marc Boucher (Fr/Be)

Jean-Marc Boucher started his activities in 1992 with the co-creation of the mini-zine Desperate Remedies. In 1994 a new fanzine…

Médiathèque de Mons
Rue de la Seuwe, 24

City Sonic 2015 - MAP

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