16th of September – Sonic Kids & Partage d’écoute

Sonic Kids - Workshop

Sonic Kids - Workshop

Radio creation, See the resonance or Singing tibetan bowls and breath… 3 Sonic Kids – 14:00 > 16:00

Partage d'écoute

Partage d'écoute

Meeting with composer Baudouin De Jaer (Be) around his passion: music … time to speaking and listening – 18:30 > 19:30

Parcours City Sonic

The City Sonic Itineraries are open all day long 10:00 > 18:00…

Atelier Sonic Kids - 14 > 16.00

Radio Sapiens

Live radio creation

This Radio Sapiens workshop offers a contemporary interpretation of radio creation, using simple and fun ways. Voice, object manipulation, movement …

Several sound events in one continuous take, like a tracking shot, to capture the real-time composition, without editing.


See the resonance

Jason Van Gulick, percussionist and sound artist, working for several years on the resonance of the instrument and the propagation of sound in space.

How do these phenomena function? How to see and understand them ? Moreover, how to have fun and make music together? Around several bass drums and percussion, this workshop can bring and play with resonance, while observing the physical effects of vibration.

‼️ The workshop is postponed

@ Théâtre Royal

With the support, in Belgium : Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles, Transcultures, Recyclart and les Ateliers Claus, le Rockerill and in France : Césaré, Condition Publique.

Singing tibetan bowls and breath

An introduction by holistic performer Isa Belle to te practise of « singing » Tibetan bowls and their harmonic richness. Highlighting the vibrational properties in connection with the body and breathing of participants.

From 3 year old (parents and friends are welcome).

@ Beffroi

14:00 > 16:00

BAM – Eglise Ste-Elisabeth
and Beffroi

2€ per children
Information and registration required


Myriam Pruvot (Be)
Myriam Pruvot (Be)

Myriam Pruvot is a musician and vocalist, having studied art and taught editing. Voice, place and sound design are its…

Jason Van Gulick (Be)
Jason Van Gulick (Be)

Since he began to play drums in 1996, Jason Van Gulick has built a diverse musical background. Coming from rock,…

Isa Belle + Paradise Now (Fr/Be)
Isa Belle + Paradise Now (Fr/Be)

Since 2005, Isa Belle has been working in cooperation with Paradise now (electronic processing and sound design, texts and co-creation)…

Partage d'écoute Baudouin De Jaer (Be) - 18.30 > 19.30

Words and sounds

The “partages d’écoute” (shared listening sessions) launched by City Sonic, consists of meetings with music lovers personalities (musicians, critics, artists, cultural leaders …) who will, for about an hour, share their passion on subjects related to sound practices illustrated by audio commentary extracts.

Baudouin De Jaer (composer, violonist, organiser/teacher) explains his composition-improvisation approach and comment his personal play list.

The artist

Baudouin De Jaer (Be)
Baudouin De Jaer (Be)

Baudouin de Jaer : Composer, violinist, Baudouin de Jaer (Be) studied composition with Philippe Boesmans, Henri Pousseur, Frederic Rzewski also…

Médiathèque de Mons
Rue de la Seuwe, 24

18:30 > 19:30