18th of Septembre – Workshop : Architecture de la chance

Architecture de la Chance (Workshop)

L’architecture of chance is an interactive sculpture in the form of a marine container, dedicated to the interactions between sound and light.

The work can, like a town crier, broadcast audio deposits made by people of all ages, but also texts by Werner Moron set to music by Manu Louis or also be the site of workshops and poetic performances.

This participative workshop in the installation/container at Maison du Design of Mons is reserved to disabled mental people (reservation now closed)



Manu Louis (Be)
Manu Louis (Be)

Manu Louis is best known as composer/frontman of the Belgium’s foremost post-modern pop band Funk Sinatra, the lyrico-trash duo We…

Werner Moron (BE)
Werner Moron (BE)

Werner Moron’s artistic approach (Liège) is based on a critical distance of the art market. For this, he chose to…


Maison du Design
Rue des Sœurs Noires, 4 – Mons