24th of September Poetic Itinerary : Dehors existe-t-il encore ?

Dehors existe-t-il encore ?

With Does outside still exist? Werner Moron (texts/voice) and Manu Louis (music/guitar) propose for City Sonic, a surprise course in different places of the city center.

Everywhere you let us in, we will read poems and making music.

13.09 – 14.00>15.00
24.09 – 15.00>16.00

Centre Ville



Manu Louis (Be)
Manu Louis (Be)

Manu Louis is best known as composer/frontman of the Belgium’s foremost post-modern pop band Funk Sinatra, the lyrico-trash duo We…

Werner Moron (BE)
Werner Moron (BE)

Werner Moron’s artistic approach (Liège) is based on a critical distance of the art market. For this, he chose to…

City Sonic 2015 - MAP

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