Jacques Foschia (Be)

Jacques Foschia (Be)
16 August 2015 City Sonic

Chaosphère#3 - 50 nuances de bruit // Sonic Garden Party

Electromagnetic sculptures, electromagnetic fields are changing volume.

They invest spaces, circumvent materials, bodies and objects. Jacques Foschia uses for this amazing performance, only vintage radios producing unique live sonic textures.


Rue des compagnons
Quartier du Beffroi-Mons

Entrée libre
Rendez-vous devant la Chapelle
rue des Telliers

Jacques Foschia

Belgian improviser, composer, and radio artist Jacques Foschia began his investigation in different fields of improvisation by exploring the relationship dance/music with the American bass player Barre Phillips.

Since 2000 he joined the colorful and innovative band “London Improvisers Orchestra”. He has since developed collaborations with experimental groups from the London improvisation scene, such as the Bohman brothers, Robert Jarvis, Lawrence Casserley, David Leahy, Tony Marsh, David Thucker etc…

He founded the Belgian/German band “Canaries on the Pole” with acclaimed musicians Irmer, Wissel, Goyvaerts. He is also involved with radio art work, producing radio pieces under several names for few international radio nets (Kunstradio ORF, Radia FM, Silenceradio) and has been working from some years on streamed and live performances with the japanese philosopher, activist and radio artist Tetsuo Kogawa.

As the main founder of “La brocante sonore” (an experimental group concept including guitar, shoe shine cleaner, sound samplings), he’s performing with transmitters and his vintage shortwaves valves receivers.

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