Natan Karczmar (Fr/Is/Ca)

Natan Karczmar (Fr/Is/Ca)
14 August 2015 City Sonic

Isou le verbe (Belgian premiere)

Captured by Natan Karczmar (initiator of Vidéocollectifs, ArtComTec and multiple participative and transcultural international events) in 1998 at the FIAC in Paris, Isidore Isou (1925-2007), a Franco-Romanian poet, founder of the Lettrist movement (precursor of Situationism and sound poetry) delivers an intense performance which has become historical nowadays.

Isou for ever !

With the support of Vidéoformes and Transcultures.


Thanks Galerie
Rue des Telliers, 5 – Mons

Vernissage le 11.09 > 17:00
Exposition du 22 > 27.09 – 10 > 18h30

Entrée libre
Fermé les lundis

Natan Karczmar

Natan Karczmar had an early career as a cultural organizer in the field of theater and the diffusion of art, mainly in France, Canada and Israel. He is also a painter, a photographer and an artist in “art of communication”.

In 1954, he organized a Film Festival on Art in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa.

In 1989, he founded Art Planet, a bimonthly video magazine featuring museum exhibitions around the world as well as inter-museum communication activities in real time called the “Interactive Museum”.

From 1992 to 1994, he headed the Art Seminar / Communication / New Technologies at the European University Research.

In 1996, he created ArtMag, an art magazine on the Internet. He is the initiator of Videocollectifs that has created many audio-visual exchanges between different cities of the planet.

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