OMFI – One moment free improv (Be)

OMFI – One moment free improv (Be)
16 August 2015 City Sonic

OMFI - One moment free improv

The OMFI group initiated by Matthieu Safatly and Maurice Charles JJ will propose a walk from Grand Place to Arsonic, as surprising and musical sound actions.

Thus the public will discover the special musical and sound universe of eight performers…The city course will be followed by duo and trio performances at 6:00pm in the Arsonic room, exploring the amazing acoustics of this new sonic theatre.

Anton Mobin, Tom Jackson, Matthieu Safatly, Emmanuel Rébus, Harold Schellinx aka Har$, Maurice Charles Jj, Matthieu Safatly with Isa Belle, Dominique Lawalrée.

Consult the full program of the festival’s closing event, September 27 


Titre de l'oeuvre

Centre ville de Mons
Départ de la Grand Place

15.00 > 19.00

OMFI - One moment free improv

One Moment Free Improv ‘(OMFI) proposes multi-disciplinary and itinerant encounters with free improvisation as a vector. This artistic variable-geometry collective is ever expanding, without hierarchy or authority principle, for a full cooperation between the participants, an openness without limits to any artistic researching practice.

OMFI has the desire to spread, as widely as possible, improvised music, to make it accessible to all by eliminating preconceived ideas.

OMFI wishes to abolish the boundaries between the arts, reviving a libertarian ideology to approach experiments for the discovery, interaction and evolution. One of OMFI main goals remain to live a highlight of human and aesthetic pleasure.

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