Pierre Beloüin (Fr)

Pierre Beloüin (Fr)
16 August 2015 City Sonic

Exhibition K7 Art

This exhibition pays tribute to the creativity of the alternative ‘tape culture” with a selection of archives from the 80s and Harold Schellinx’s recent visuals works (photos and sounds of his Found tapes), Dawamesk (sculptures from tapes), Julie Moulin (drawings commissionned by City Sonic). On this occasion, the Transonic label produced an audio tape which is also the soundtrack of the exhibition with the participation of Midori Hirano, Harold Schellinx, Anton Mobin + McJJ / Bloem, Emmanuel Rebus,: such :, Pierre Belouin, Dawamek, Christophe Bailleau, Gauthier Keyaerts, Radio Prague & Stuff, Julien Demoulin, Felicia Atkinson, Hanzel & Gretel, Playtime, Dog As Master, Scanner.

Production: Transcultures. Special thanks to NBT, Maurice Charles JJ, Eric Therer, haltapes.com

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Galerie de la Médiathèque – 7M³
Rue de la Seuwe, 24 – Mons

Vernissage le 11.09 > 17:00
Exposition du 22 > 27.09 – 10 > 18h30

Entrée libre
Fermé les lundis

City Sonic Party - Dj set

Le Bateau Ivre is a regular partner of the festival and a well-known nightlife place of the youg people of Montois.

City Sonic Party is once more hosted, with great energetic musical atmosphere, led by electro DJette Fleur (Brussels) and Pierre Beloüin (France) Optical Sound label artistic director, for an offbeat tiki mix, until late at night.

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Le Bâteau Îvre
1 Rue de Nimy – Mons

entre 22:00 > 03:00

Entrée libre

Pierre Beloüin

Pierre Beloüin created the Optical Sound label in 1997 after meeting Rainier Lericolais and Olivier Huz. Optical Sound sees itself as a home for both visual artists seeking to explore the possibilities of sound and musicians interested in visual arts. The name itself is a direct reference to cinema and its optical sound track, which can be associated to mental images generated by sound. Through this label Pierre aims at sharing his personalized listening experience characterized by his love of adventurous music from the 80’s onwards, but also by his experiences as producer and independent label owner.

The Mons multimedia library will host the launching of the second issue of the Optical Sound magazine, which will be presented by Pierre Beloüin. A DJ set of selected tunes by the label head will follow. For the duration of the whole festival the media library’s window display will also showcase a collection of objects, artworks and archives linked both to the label and the magazine.

Pierre Beloüin (Fr)’s work fits precisely into the niche of artists who learned everything or so about music experience. But it’s not only because his most famous avatar is the one of the one-man band, neither because he has been busy over the last 10 years running the label Optical Sound, or not even due to his entrance in the artistic world through music, working straightaway at the border of visual and sound, since the beginning of his studies at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. It’s mainly because his work and his activities are settled into underground culture, historically linked to music. As an expert and a fan, he multiplies the tributes, to Gysin and Burroughs, to the 50’s fetishism, to psychobilly, to eroticism in the 70’s, to industrial music, and to cold wave, to B movies or the universe of freaks.

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