Eric Arlix (Fr)

Eric Arlix (Fr)
11 August 2017 City Sonic

Mal préparés | Création

In this video series in 10 episodes of 2.30 minutes each, a narrator, in bits and pieces, gives us testimonies of survivors throughout the world (Limoges, Shanghai, Tolmin, Chicago, Salzburg, Perpignan, Alfortville, Taipei, Nancy, Bombay).

Production Eric Arlix
Création de Éric Arlix + Valérie Bourquin

Sonic Vidéo @ Quai10
Quai Arthur Rimbaud 10, Charleroi
07 > 17.09.2017
12 > 18:00
Entrée libre
fermé le lundi

Golden Hello (le rendez-vous) | Première belge

Concert-reading conceived from situations and adventures taken from the hyperrealist writings of Eric Arlix (writer and editor) and put into music by Serge Teyssot-Gay (ex Noir Desire, Interzone-guitar) and Christian Vialard (creative sound-electronics). “Golden Hello” is the term used in English for “bonus of welcome”, the latter concerns only  managers of high levels. These texts, on very different subjects (a mini-market, a video, a hashtag…), conver ge  electro-free-rock’n’roll ambiances, by  musicians, draw up a critical portrait of the contemporary world and individuals who struggle to survival, each in his own way.

Production Transcultures en partenariat avec l’Eden

Boulevard Jacques Bertrand 1, Charleroi
+32 (0)71 202 995

Éric Arlix

Éric Arlix is ​​a writer, artist and researcher of forms whose books and heterogeneous productions are impacted and organized by recurrent trends and subjects. This refers to fictions as scenarios of life (propaganda, storytelling, soft- ware power) or the history of Capitalism and its abracadabratic narratives. The connections that exist between music, sounds, images and space are among the concerns and research of Valérie Bourquin who uses video, electronic music, and 3D modeling.