Myriam Pruvot (Be)

Myriam Pruvot (Be)
16 August 2015 City Sonic

Radio Sapiens (Sonic Kids)

Live radio creation


This Radio Sapiens workshop offers a contemporary interpretation of radio creation, using simple and fun ways.

Voice, object manipulation, movement … Several sound events in one continuous take, like a tracking shot, to capture the real-time composition, without editing.

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Musée du Doudou
Jardin du Mayeur Grand’Place – Mons

14.00 > 16.00

2€ par enfant
Inscription obligatoire

Myriam Pruvot

Myriam Pruvot is a self-taught musician and sound artist. She’s graduated a master degree in fine art in France and then she was teaching multiple (sound and paper) from 2008 to 2011.

More recently, she work as a sound composer and performer for contemporary dance (Belgium, Chili), participated in several workshops around spoken and sung voice. Also played in a solo musical project called, Monte Isola.

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