EZ3kiel (Fr)

EZ3kiel (Fr)
9 August 2015 City Sonic

Poetic Mechanics (Exposition - belgian premiere)

Conceived by Yann Nguema of EZ3kiel group, the Poetic Mechanics gather ten interactive sound modules embodying virtual paintings. Playing on the anachronisms between content and form, the exhibition adapted to the St. George Hall (1601) encapsulates dreamlike new technologies.

This project particularly emphasises sensitivity and poetry, supported by technical devices.

Conceived in the framework of Arts-Sciences, with the support of CEA-Grenoble, Hexagone Scène nationale de Meylan, Erasme(CMultimedia Centre of the conseil général of Rhône), Médias-cité, DICREAM.



Salle Saint-Georges
Grand-Place 7000 Mons

Opening 11.09 > 17:00
Exhibition du 22 > 27.09 – 10 > 18:30

Closed on Mondays

EZ3kiel has managed, for the last twenty years, to unveil the stylistic gravitations blindly attributed to electro, dub, rock, even classical and symphonic musics. Much more sensitive to the creation of atmospheres, the group tests and measures pleasure emotions and explores human auras when the density of sound tools is explored, both graphics and visuals, from most basic to the most technologically developed scale.

Projects of EZ3kiel members are polymorphic. Based on a dual antagonism between on the one hand past and contemporary, and between the dreamy softness and mechanical hardness on the other hand – the one and the other, the one in the other – EZ3kiel’s timeless work plays on the relation history/uchronia, a baroque science fiction imagination in which musicians transcribe live gross illusion in a sculptural aesthetic, masterfully interpreted and staged.

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