Stéphanie Croibien (Be)

Stéphanie Croibien (Be)
11 August 2015 City Sonic

Smoke & Mirrors (installation - premiere)

Smoke & mirrors questions the ambiguous and dynamic relationship between the reflection of itself, images and the intimate connection that the viewer has with the screen.

The sound work is a series of cut-ups, tripping on loops of samples in which a metaphorical narrative intrudes. Smoke & mirrors attempts to construct an intermediate space between direct sensory experience and interpretive distance from the person who notices he/she is being watched.

Production: Transcultures

Soft Syllables (installation audiovisuelle-création)

Soft Syllables is like a surreal travelogue. Placed on rotating sound waves, it plunges and extract us from beautyfull landscapes.
Questioning our discontinuous relationship with nature…

Production : Transcultures


Rue de Nimy 76 – Mons

Opening : 11.09 > 17:00
Exhibition : 22 > 27.09 – 10 > 18h30

closed on Mondays

Stéphanie Croibien

Stéphanie Croibien creates a dialogue or confronts her own images to a large corpus of pictures and words – press images and film extracts – collected and archived.

Her video work experiments with sound textures, visual associations and materiality of the image, a search that tends to engender a new reality with a singular quality of a rhythm and a specific language.

Artist-resident at the Santa Fe Art Institute in 2013, her work has also been presented in group exhibitions at TAMAT (2012), in Flat Shows (2014) or recently Videoformes (Clermont-Ferrand).

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