ValKiri (Fr)

ValKiri (Fr)
16 August 2015 City Sonic

Circuit Bending @Hacker Lab (workshop)

Boning an old toy to give it a second life, manipulate a printed circuit to make an instrument.

The idea is to create an interactive sound piece that never ceases to grow, feeding from the artist’s work and the participation of the audience / curious people.

The result is an exploded protean installation, invasive and entered in its environment, in which the participant can act.

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Café Europa
4a, rue des Sœurs Noires

18.00 > 20.00

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Architect, artist and hacker, Valkiri likes to mix techniques and practices to create special and interactive works, borrowed from the culture of “Do It Yourself”.

For him, creating links between the computer code, mechanical and electronic DIY and diversion of everyday objects enables a strong dialogue between the viewer and the increasingly insidious and pervasive technology.

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