Pastoral (Fr/Be)

Pastoral (Fr/Be)
18 August 2015 City Sonic


Pastoral is the combo created in 2010 by Christophe Bailleau (musician and visual artist based in Huy, who released a dozen albums for Fenêtre Records Carte Postale, Annexia, Le cri de la harpe…) and Philippe Franck ( aka Paradise Now – plusieurs pièces audio sur Sub Rosa, Optical Sound, Tsuku Bushi, Tiramizu, Transonic…).

Post-folk mix (ballads), post-pop, experimental & hybrid soundscapes, Pastoral music is diverse, inventive with a touch humor. They also perform with their own nomadic dreamy images. Pastoral has performed in Belgium and in international festivals such as Week of Sound (Brussels), Dig@ran festival (Spain), Vidéoformes (France).

They also produced a video installation for an exhibition at the Palace of Justice in Liege (2012). We find Christophe Bailleau and Philippe Franck on the CD Lights out in the ghosting hour (released by Optical Sound in 2009-with Neal Williams and Niko Hafkensheid)) which was the premise of their duet and also on the compilationsWeek # 2 (Tiramizu) and City Sonic 2014.


Rue Montagne de la Cour 2
1000 Bruxelles

Partenaire de la Semaine du Son à Bruxelles depuis son lancement en 2012, City Sonic propose pour cette édition 2015 une installation et une sélection de vidéo sonores d’artistes soutenus par le festival.

Exposition du 14.09 > 20.09.2015
10h00 à 16.30
Fermé les lundis