Jacques Urbanska (Be)

Jacques Urbanska (Be)
15 August 2015 City Sonic

Projet IS

“It will be hard to believe that you did not know already what you’ll discover here.”

IS. NéonNord is a sound installation consisting of hundreds of small pieces of interviews (at City Sonic, some of them are part of the Sonic pirates itinerary in some locations of the centre of the city) with team members of the Espace P Brussels, an association that fights for a fairer approach to sex trades.


Voir Map ☟ : Auberge de jeunesse, Le 106, Mundaneum,
SMART, Bâteau Ivre, Artothèque, Ars Sonic, Galerie du Centre…

Vernissage le 11.09 > 17:00
Exposition du 22 > 27.09 – 10 > 18h30

Entrée libre

Jacques Urbanska

Jacques Urbanska , actor and director by training, his research has questioned the conventional theater stage as the only possible place of performance, the individual’s relationship to the viewer, the spectator’s perception and the notion of post-dramatic theater. His projects are event-driven, shows in modules, ambulatory.

In 2007, he has focused more specifically on performance and media arts. His projects range from multimedia performance to network arts.

Since 2010, he has built a huge information network on media arts (arts-numeriques.info@arts_numeriques), but also on various political and social themes (see his fukushima_actu, revolution_info, occupy_USA, occupy_www, occupywomen, Belgique_info, sarkozy_info…).

He is project manager (Media Arts & Network(s) @ Transcultures and Web strategy manager for the CGO Echos Communication and for various public and private structures.

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