Sonic Videos

  • -Bruxelles-

    Maurice Charles JJ (Be)

    Jean-Jacques Duerinckx aka Maurice Charles JJ (Braine L’Alleud) practices mainly soprano and baritone saxophones, his first influences being Steve Lacy, Antonny Braxton, John Surman, Hamiet Bluiett.

  • -Charleroi-

    Helga DeJaegher (Be)

    Helga DeJaegher (La Louvière) is a performing visual artist from the Art School of Mons (Arts2). She has a multidisciplinary approach using video, performance, and installation.

  • -Charleroi-

    Hanzel & Gretzel (Be/Fr)

    Daniel Mangeon alias Hanzel & Gretzel (Nancy / Brussels / Paris -1966-2000) was a hybrid artist / videographer, de-constructor of mental images

  • -Charleroi-

    Jean De Lacoste (Be)

    Jean De Lacoste (Charleroi) développe un univers à la fois intimiste et bruyant fait de paysages brumeux. Il travaille en solo mais a aussi collaboré avec STh Biset, Zbigniew Karkowski, Mauro A. Pawlowski, Teun …

  • -Charleroi-

    You got no jams (Be)

    Le duo You got no jams est composé des musicien Maurice-Charles Jj + Matthieu Safatly. On retrouve le retrouver sur la compilation City Sonic 2017…

  • -Charleroi-

    Matthieu Safatly (Fr)

    Matthieu Safatly is a soloist, whose second album is to be released at the end of 2017. Performing intimate songs or audiovisual creations that are captivating: his project, ‘Polyphony 4 Solos’, presents him playing the cello and singing, surrounded by television sets broadcasting pre-recorded films of him playing and singing.

  • -Charleroi-

    Valérie Bourquin (Fr)

    The connections that exist between music, sounds, images and space are among the concerns and research of Valérie Bourquin who uses video, electronic music, and 3D modeling.

  • -Charleroi-

    Eric Arlix (Fr)

    Éric Arlix is ​​a writer, artist and researcher of forms whose books and heterogeneous productions are impacted and organized by recurrent trends and subjects.

  • -Charleroi-

    Alain Wergifosse (Be)

    Alain Wergifosse (Liège) amplifie des objets, manipule électroniquement les sons et le larsen et compose des vidéos expérimentales interactives depuis le début des années 80. Il a participé depuis Barcelone à …